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Links to Avodah with posts on Science and Torah and the Slifkin Affair

  • Post on Rambam MNIII:50 is brought to Rabbi Slifkin's attention. Note that in his new book "Challenge of Creation" (2006), Rabbi Slifkin allegorizes the accounts of the creation of Adam HaRishon at Gen 1.26 and Gen 2.7. He substitutes Darwin's origin myth that man is a sort of "modified monkey" for the Torah's historical meta-natural account.
  • Claim by Rabbi Slifkin that Rabbi Shalom Kamenetsky  supports Rabbi Slifkin's wholesale approach to allegory in the first chapters of the Torah: "My specific allegory in my sefer has haskamos from Rav Aryeh
    Carmell [zt"l], Rav Sholom Kamenetzky, and Rav Mordechai Kornfeld, shlita" (11 September 2004).
  • Letter from Rabbi Shalom Kamenetsky about Rabbi Slifkin's book Science of Torah: "My name does appear in his book and a careful reading of the haskomo will show that I gave no haskomo on the content"(13 September 2006)