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ATP is a complex nanomachine that serves as the primary energy currency of the living cell. The structure of ATP synthase consists of two rotary motors, labeled F1 and F0, that are connected by a flexible shaft (mcb.berkeley.edu).

MaimonidesMaimonides, Moreh Nevuchim 2.19:
My purpose in this chapter is to explain to you by means of arguments that come close to a demonstration that the universe is here by design [kavana, i.e. the whole universe manifests plan and purpose that leads to a direct awareness of the Creator] ...

For this reason you will find that all the prophets used the stars and spheres as proof for the existence of a necessary and transcendent Being. Abraham reflected on the stars as is well-known. Isaiah, calling attention to conclusions to be drawn from the stars, says: "Lift up your eyes on high, and see: Who created these?". Jeremiah says "He made the heavens". Abraham says: "The Lord, God of Heavens".

Sotah 10b: Resh Lakish said: Read not "and he [i.e. Abraham] called" but "and he made to call" [vayakri], thereby teaching that our father Abraham caused the name of the Holy One, blessed be He, to be uttered by the mouth of every passer-by. How was this? After travelers had eaten and drunk, they stood up to bless him; but, said he to them, "Did you eat of mine? You ate of that which belongs to the God of the Universe. Thank, praise and bless Him who spake and the world came into being."

Abraham is associated, above all, with the attribute of chesed -- acts of kindliness to his fellow men. But Abraham also proclaimed the truth about God to a world in which the knowledge of that truth had been lost. Abraham considered this truth to be the most important thing that he could teach to anyone who enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of his home.