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Sources critical of biblical criticism (as in the hypothetical J, E, P and D layers)

  • Frank Moore Cross. The History of the Israelite religion. Biblical Archaeology Review. Pages 42- 45. Vol. 31 no. 3, May/June 2005. (page 44). Frank Moore Cross is Harvard's eminent scholar of ancient Near Eastern thought. It is refreshing to see him state the obvious: Wellhausen's Prolegomena (1878) has a disguised but strong anti-Judaic spirit; the reasoning is circular; and is based on Wellhausen's philosophical presuppositions rather than objective evidence. Cross states that he is not beating a dead horse given the revival of the nostalgic mainly European Neo-Welhausenists, and he is surprised how it has even penetrated into Israeli Biblical scholarship despite its antinomian and latently anti-Semitic thrust.